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I am very very tired!

By 13 Apr ’06No Comments

Have some screen grabs of the DVD I’m working on.

Am watching this doco on BBC1 called “Pets are People” and the most inspiring thought has been – YES YOU RAE CRAZY……FOOL! One lady in particular who owns about 8 cats and 3 dogs thinks one of the old cats is about to die. She stated “I came down in the morning and she just looked at me (dramatic pause) She told me (another dramatic pause with a bit of a tearful cough) She told me she was ready. Now you may think I’m crazy but when your per is ready they will tell you and you have to heed them. It’s like loosing a family member, I lost my daughter 23 years ago and its just like that” You are one sad sad C R A Z Y woman! I can appreciat it being very sad. I remember when we had our dog put down but this is bloody ridiculous! Anyway I laughed my a**e off at it.!!!


In other news: Feeling really exhausted. 3 Websites and a DVD on the go with work. Busy boy is I! The DVD is coming along nicely. Its great to finally have a good meaty video project to get my teeth in to. Its jus generally great to be busy even if I am run off my feet.


Meena has booked me Cath and herself into a Speed Dating night in a couple of weeks. They went to one last week and had a giggle so in an attempt to get out more I’m going. Should be a giggle!


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