NEW DESIGN – A lil more progress

Another wee re-arrangement of the layout. Was looking to make the whole page less busy. The previous designs had always been overly busy but I kind of like the idea of not having to click into other pages to get to other pages. Still unsure if i like this or not but it is an improvement all the same.

Still really busy on the Thunder – Japan Tour DVD. I’ve finished the main edit and now have to go over them all, apply colour correction. Put in the stereo audio mix then design and build the DVD interface. The deadline is the end of this week so pressure is on!

I had a poss job coming up for a website but I think I may have lost that job. The client was supposed to email me a spec but never did and has not returned my calls which is unfortunate but his loss – well no it pisses me off lots as it means I loose on the cash!

I really need to get myself on a web developing course. This site is now over 2 years old and i have been manually entering and updating as I go. Would be great to have the whole thing database driven and searchable.

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