Demeaning Beans

This is what my meals have resorted to! I am now officially so broke that I am eating beans on toast! Although a very tasty delight which I aint had since my Uni days it is still quite demeaning that it has come to this! Ok so I can argue that its Heinz beans, A good loaf of bread and only the best butter: Kerry Gold, but it’s still a cheapskate meal. How am I supposed to face these women at speed dating this week knowing that I am in total poverty! Hello! I’m broke stressed out, have a cold sore and haven’t feel very confident about myself over the last few months, How are you? – Oh yes – I’m a catch! Mind you if any woman was to see through all that she’d be worth her weight in gold

yummy – these beans on toast are actually very very tasty!

On another note have some pure genius!:


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