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No Speed Dating for me!!!

By 4 May ’06No Comments

ok I’m now really pissed off! – I am thoroughly just sick of this career! Been rendering all this week and the video still needs tweaks. I keep on missing clips and glitches and its really annoying me now. It’s taking about 3 – 5 hours per track and I cant do anything in between. I still have to design the DVD interface although I do now have a clear ideas as to what its gonna look like.

Anyway because its taking so long I’ve had to cancel speed dating tonight. I was looking forward to it just for the aspect of getting out of the house for a while. I’m just really sick of my financial situation preventing me from doing anything. I am sick of being broke. Once this project is done I’m down the agencies to get some work. I need cash flow. No more “mates rates”. This job we are on has been a mates rates job and I’m just thinking it aint worth it! For what I’ll be getting for it! I like the work but the rates suck! Doesn’t really help not having the option to choose other projects. I just need some really good full rates projects so I can sort my s**t out! GRRRRRRRR! lovliness


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