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By 21 May ’06No Comments

So on reading through my posts I have realised I have totally failed at almost all of my new years resolutions. The biggest and most important one to me is the positivity one. Yes I said I was gonna have a more positive outlook on life and try and be always more positive. Today I was having a s**ter of a day. I went out for a walk at about 7:30 this eve with my camera and found myself strolling through the cemetery. Then I got stopped by the police who were wondering what I was doing taking photos of graves. Of course I was actually taking pics of the flowers and headstones. The point being – this made me chuckle which in turn transformed my day.


Anyway the outcome is a new resolve to be a more positive. Sure things are going a lil against the grain but I got to where I am through perseverance. Why give up now. Jus a lil further and things will come together. I intend to proove that the nice guy doesn’t always come last.


Ok so now I’ve just re-read the above and I see that I am coming across as a complete idiot! Yes I am an idiot! But hey Idiots make the world a more interesting place!


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