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June 2006

Jump around..

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Today I re-learnt the art of dirt jumping. Ok so I aint no jumping god or anything but I did find a nice lil bank jump that had the perfect transition. Was a perfect tabletop but i ended up over shooting the whole thing by about 6 feet by the end of my session. Still i can crossup fully and flatten the bike too! – YAY ME!


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Its been so hot and i love it! Been busy job hunting! Yesterday involved going round to Toms to soret some Tesco Stuff and dat. DawnyB and Greek Kristina popped over and then i rolled on over th theirs as they were very drunk and it seemed like the right thing to do. Anyway Dawn had an accident with a candle: image removed:


Summer and Sun

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I got my first bit o sunburn today!- Decided I needed to get out and relax so went off on the bike and found myself on my back in the park. I LOOOOOVE Summer time! – Have some pics:








Never say never?

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Never ever again am i gonna do a mates rates job. I dont mind the work but where i’ve been having other people dictate to me the price? This aint gonna happen. From now on, unless you are a very very good friend My Mates rates will be standard rates less 15%.


Why the rant? Its 6am, I have yet again not been to bed. BUT The UK Version of the Thunder DVD is finished!


NAKED BIKE PROTEST Anyone fancy doing this. I reckon this would be a great place to meet mountain biking naked hotties – Who’s with me, do i hear an AMEN? lol

Summer finally got here!

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Woooooo – I went for a long ride up the river and it was grand! No it was wicked!!! Rode about 10 miles in total, got some sun, and was able to chill out. Although my fitness is not what it used to be I still managed to push myself hard at points and the jump spirit is returning.

One thing i love about summer is the summer clothing the women of London wear – its fantastic!

Its very late and I’m watching “The Peoples Court” – basically judge Judy but in the UK. Its Terrible!! I have never seen such bad TV. I find it hard to fathom the idea that I am stuck for work and there is s**te like this being broadcast. The judge had to read her own summary of the case! Surely as a judge she should be able to do this with out a tele-prompter! And why is it that all the people on this show look like in-breds?

A Creative Somfinorover

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Gots an Interview down at Ministry of Sound next week. If the money is right it could be a wicked deal!

Need to get out and start clubbing again. I miss them there days!

I’m busy as usual but have some nice picture things i took on the camera: