HangoverHangover 127

We partied till the wee hours! – Actually the party was a bit lame. A ton of people never turned up. Of the people that did, one of them I detest! He’s a bit of a t****r and always takes things too far. There was a fight between him and someone who shall remain nameless but – I was not happy that he turned up nor that pissed said person off so much to induce a fight! The party was ok but after that it went a**e over tit really!

The dressing up as ladies was rather amusing but the bra was too much for me and i was the first to break and change into man clothes again.


Sunday was Ace!. My sis Sandra and her 2 oldest kids came down from Glasgow so we had some nice family time – Photos will follow soon! I am still hungover!!


Finally made the Thunder trailer live today click HERE to watch it.

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