My oh my

That was a bit of an out burst… So I had another one of those days where I was feeling low and annoyed. These days happen from time to time. Its my prerogative and those of you who know me well know that i aint always a moody dork.


Saying that a friend told me something quite interesting the other week which made me think. This girl was actually someone i went on a date with and the date was a bit pants. She told me why the date went wrong. I came across as being a bit of a depressing angry at life sad bastard type of person. Which while being a bit of a shock, also made alot of sense. My situation has been pretty testing over the last 6/8 months and as a result I have become quite moody. Working constantly from home and not getting out enough also contributes to this whole whoha. It’s hard times and I’m doing my best to pull myself out of this hole I is in!


Did a temp job yesterday as a receptionist. It was very very dull indeed but it’s money and it was nice to be working in an office with a bunch of people. I spent most of the day reading and finished a book.


I now also have 3 weeks of work in Manchester booked for September. Its LED screen work doing the family game show favourite: “The Price is Right” Should be rather amusing. – And no I wont be on telly I’ll be behind the scenes.


In the mean time I am applying for other work left right and centre. So Those of you who work for companies that may have any media based work let me know. Web/Video is my bag so ask around and lemme know!

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