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Life as a video wall engineer

By 8 Sep ’06No Comments

So I got the informa video sorted this morn and its on its way to the client – gotta do an invoice for it now. Looks like about £2500 – wohoo!

Life as a Video Wall Engineer aint as exciting as one might think. I have been bored out of my mind!! Basically every day I come in around 10-11am, Power up the screen and that’s pretty much it until the end of the day when I power it down at around 9:30/10pm. Yeah its a loooong day of doing nothing. As previously mentioned I had the Informa video to do but that has now finished and I am now at a loss. There is a web site that needs finishing but that might take a few days to get the info I need from the client. Otherwise I’m worried about going insane. Cant help but feel a lil guilty for sitting here doing nothing and getting paid for it!!!

The rest of the crew seem friendly enough but the shy guy I am has prevented me from, I dunno, I suppose its getting better and am starting to get to know them all a lil better now that I’ve been here for 5 days. Time will tell!

Oonagh is coming up to see her sis this weekend so will meet up with her on sat night then on Sunday and monday I have 2 days off so will go up to Glasgow and see my sis and the kids and Peter. Should be coolio!


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