Clerks2 & the death of a Director

Don’t quite know how to start this as I feel there should be a certain level of respect held. Ok so basically yesterday I got into the studio and all the crew were called in for an announcement. The announcement was to tell us that the show’s Director had died in his sleep. Obviously a lot of people were very upset having known him for years and years. The shows were cancelled for the day and the entire crew was invited to the pub for a commemorative drink. Now I only met Phil at the start of this 3 weeks so I didn’t really know the man well at all. I had a few chats with him here and there but nothing really deep and meaningful but the impression I got from him was that he was genuinely a really really lovely talented and much loved man. While a nice gesture to go and have this drink I did feel totally out of place. I have not really felt like I’ve fitted in here with the rest of the crew. Not through lack of trying but I think my naturally shyness has not helped me to gel with them all. Also a lot of them I have felt have been down right rude and unopen. Where i have made an effort some of them have not and this has been hard. Not all of them mind but with all those in the broth its been a lil weird. It kinda reminds me of school in Dublin. I was a shy guy then and was labelled a bit of a d******d as a result and people couldn’t be a**ed with me. OK so we are all adults here but still the same grain has been visible and those of the crew who have been rude have been the culprits. I just cant stand when people don’t even bother to try and get to know you. People wont have a clue as to who I am until they get to know me and it does bother me that a lot of them have not bothered. As a result it made the drinks in the bar quite odd. I didn’t stick around as I didn’t feel very welcome and I realised that all these people who knew the guy really well were all gonna be chatting about him and I didn’t wanna be the idiot with nothing to contribute. So I went back to the hotel, slept then went and got some dinner and saw a movie.


So the movie I went to see was Clerks 2. Bloody brilliant! The whole thing was excellent, it was a lil cheesy at times but it was nostalgic, funny and heart warming and full f references that were just pure genius. Go See it!


Tomorrow is the last day here. I am looking forward to going home. Will be nice to sleep in my own bed, and get back to my own routine. Also will be good to be back with friends and family. 3 weeks is a looong time to be away working!!

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