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October 2006

Jack is back – woot woot

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OOOOOH Shiny New 24. There has never been a show I’ve been really into until 24! This is the dogs!

What a weird night. So we went out for Bob’s birthday to the Oxjam! – It was a night of piano assisted karaoke in a pub in Barnes, which incidentally is a lovely place! Anyway it was a good night but it ended weirdly! I had to get Bob’s ex home after as she and Bob parted ways and she was quite distraught. We left Bob’s at about 1:30 – I finally got home around 4:45am – Nuff said!

PHP & CSS Switching

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OK so mare techy advancmets! WOO and YAY me!

I’ve found away of simplifying the css call comands by using PHP so this is my first ever PHP page! WOOT WOOT

CSS Switching

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Right so developments be happening with this site. Regulars will know that this site changes designs with more regularity than the Tokyo Subway trains but what I am trying to do now is let you the reader choose which design you prefer! – So on the right hand side there will be a menu. at the moment I am stealing other peoples code in an attempt to get it all to work but its not right yet. Anyone who uses Mozilla based browsers will be able to select the diff styles from the view menu.

Bob moved out yesterday. It was quite sad. In the eve I had to bring Fergus round to his new home but Bob and i had a nice eve talking and having a few beers. It is sad to loose him but i think he will be happier out of this house!

I finally got the video of Veronika’s birthday done. you can click HERE to watch it but be warned there is swearing and some nudity

A lil bit o news

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So, as most of you know I was doing the whole internet dating there for a while. Yes my first go was a success except for the fact that she turned out to be a silly little girl. After that i sort of jumped back in and had a few uneventful dates met a few interesting and weird people on t’internet. Things have turned since. Several months ago now, one eve as i was checking my date site messages I got a match from this US girl. At first it was as you can imagine. Full of s**ts and giggles at the thought that someone fancied the a**e off of me but that was it. Well I’m still talking to her. And O actually really really like her. I know some of you will think this is stupid cause I aint met her and we’ve only had the tinternet to communicate through but with the great technology there is availab;e we have actually been able to sort of kinda in an odd way build the makings of some sort of thing! Its really quite weird.


Anyway her name is Carolyn, she lives in (ok this is the painful bit) Virginia USA. She’s gorgeous, intelligent and funny. She’s also taller – yes i know that’s not difficult with me but there u go. I aint gots no probs. SHe’s a wicked girl and i think of you my friends who bother reading this would all approve.

Mates an dat

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So recently there has been alot of crap going on in the house resulting in Bob moving out. Part of this has resulted in the topic of what is friendship. People have diffrent ideas of what it is and therein lies part of the problem. I aint saying that we are not all friends but we been havin difficulties.


The hars reality of life is that most people are out for number one. I have a close group of friends about 10-15 people who i consider good friends – the rest are all aquaintences. But these friends i haveI love them all dearly. sometimes i disagree with them and other times we all piss eachother off but at the end of the day i know i’d be there for them and them for me.


I dont really remember my point anymore casue i’m tired – ioh well

Feelin groooovy

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Man October is a really busy month for birthdays!!!


So Yesterday – My Birthday. It was actually a great day! I had quite a busy morning working on various bits and pieces where i ended up getting very little done. Then I had an interview in the afternoon. I think it went pretty well. Of course there were those typical interview questions which i could have answered much better but hindsight is a bitch and don’t we all know it! It looks to be a good position so watch this space! The bad thing was that I gave myself plenty of time to get there and thanks to the glorious London Underground I was ten mins late but it didn’t seem to be much of a problem!


I got home and changed, Jimmer arrived at mine and we headed out to the pub. The night was a great one. It was a smallish lil thing but it was cool the peeps who came were:












and My dad!


It was ace that my Dad came along as i was not expecting him at all but i think he enjoyed it. So big thanks to all who came and thanks to everyone who called and sent me texts and all that jazz! I drank quite a bit but didn’t get smashed beyond stupidity! – It was a great day!

Party Time

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Today is Veronika’s Birthday and I is going down to Twickenham later to James & Veris place for party time! Should be a giggle – it always is! – Its jus gonna be a small party with a bunch of people i aint seen in aaaages!

My big sis is ACE!

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Yes its my big sister’s birthday today and she is….older than me. Its my own birthday on Monday and I always get weirded out by it all. I am the youngest in the family and i’ll be 28! We are all getting on now.


Sandra has 4 kids and she has No.5 in the oven! She is one of those mothers who haas managed to retain her identity and not get lost in motherhood. I love her dearly and wish i could see more of her Peter and the kids. She is cool and collected even when all the poo hits the fan. Everytime i go up there i always have a wicked time.

That time is coming round!

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In a little over a weeks time my birthday is coming up. I really don’t know what to think this time! – I have not enjoyed my birthday’s for the last few years! Would be nice to be able to do so this year.


The other thing on my mind is the promise i made to myself last year – That if there was no big improvement then i’d jack it all in and change my life drastically! There aint been no improvement! We shall see!