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Mates an dat

By 13 Oct ’06No Comments

So recently there has been alot of crap going on in the house resulting in Bob moving out. Part of this has resulted in the topic of what is friendship. People have diffrent ideas of what it is and therein lies part of the problem. I aint saying that we are not all friends but we been havin difficulties.


The hars reality of life is that most people are out for number one. I have a close group of friends about 10-15 people who i consider good friends – the rest are all aquaintences. But these friends i haveI love them all dearly. sometimes i disagree with them and other times we all piss eachother off but at the end of the day i know i’d be there for them and them for me.


I dont really remember my point anymore casue i’m tired – ioh well


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