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By 21 Oct ’06One Comment

So, as most of you know I was doing the whole internet dating there for a while. Yes my first go was a success except for the fact that she turned out to be a silly little girl. After that i sort of jumped back in and had a few uneventful dates met a few interesting and weird people on t’internet. Things have turned since. Several months ago now, one eve as i was checking my date site messages I got a match from this US girl. At first it was as you can imagine. Full of s**ts and giggles at the thought that someone fancied the a**e off of me but that was it. Well I’m still talking to her. And O actually really really like her. I know some of you will think this is stupid cause I aint met her and we’ve only had the tinternet to communicate through but with the great technology there is availab;e we have actually been able to sort of kinda in an odd way build the makings of some sort of thing! Its really quite weird.


Anyway her name is Carolyn, she lives in (ok this is the painful bit) Virginia USA. She’s gorgeous, intelligent and funny. She’s also taller – yes i know that’s not difficult with me but there u go. I aint gots no probs. SHe’s a wicked girl and i think of you my friends who bother reading this would all approve.


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