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November 2006

I’m loosing my mind and days

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This weekend was an unusual one. Somewhere last week I lost a day. On Sat I was due to pick up a rental van and help Cass move down from Oxford. Of course I thought Sat morn was Fri morn and was a lil disgruntled when i had a bunch of missed calls at 9:15am especially after my late night! I got it all together eventually but it has thrown me sideways and my whole body clock is screwed!

Yesterday we went out and celebrated Cass’ Birthday. We went to some african/moroccan restaurant near Leicester Square then on to a comedy club. Was very nice!

We havin another party soon – Woot Woot!


I need to get back on the bike

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I feel like i have abandoned my beautiful bike. I let my bro take it for a while as he was wanting to get fit for a while but he is now away for a week and seeing as there is not much work happening right now I have a lot of spare time. I have not ridden in weeks and i am missing it! I need to have another crack at it. One of the bad things is that my local jump spot has been dug out. The park keepers flattened the lot! 10 years of digging there and its all gone. Some of the jumps there i spent hours on moulding and perfecting. Ok so the last year or so, not so much but i miss it all the same and its just horrible not having it anymore. Pining for my bike sounds odd but i am so there!

This weekend has been a bit of a time warp for my body clock. On Friday night, what was supposed to be a few mates round for a friends birthday turns into a full on party. At first I was a bit miffed but then it was actually quite a good party in the end. I got to bed at 1:30 on Sat afternoon. I got to bed again at 5am Sunday and now its 4am on Monday morning.

Lost Season 3 started tonight. I have to say it was good but not the blockbusting series opener i was expecting. I say nothing more for those who missed it.

I really need some fuggin work! at this stage i will accept offers from Pimps…

The plan went wrong!!!

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So yeah, my great plan yesterday went to poo when i took a nap that lasted 5 hours! Kinda defeated the purpose! Finally sorted the small galleries from the DanceOff and form Bob’s Birthday:

IMGP5414.jpg IMGP5440.jpg

All night loooong

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I did something silly and wise all at the same time! Over the past few weeks I’ve been going to bed later and later to the point where if i tried to go to sleep at a respectable time i couldn’t as my body clock had tuned itself into a weird scale. So last night, no well, this morning, when i looked at the clock and it was 6am i decided to just not go to bed. So I stayed up. I went for a long walk in Gunnersbury park and took some photos and stuff. It was beautiful if a little cold but it was nice to reacquaint myself with what morning is like. My plan today is to take a nap a lil later and then go to bed at a decent hour. Anyway here be some photos:

Gunnersbury Park Early Morning Gunnersbury Park Early Morning Gunnersbury Park Early Morning
Gunnersbury Park Early Morning Gunnersbury Park Early Morning Gunnersbury Park Early Morning
Gunnersbury Park Early Morning Gunnersbury Park Early Morning Gunnersbury Park Early Morning
Gunnersbury Park Early Morning Gunnersbury Park Early Morning Gunnersbury Park Early Morning


I just remembered that i took some other photos on a similar vain of sky and stuff so here are they:

Thames at Barnes Thames at Barnes Thames at Barnes
Dusk Dusk Dusk

Flu = MEH!

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I’ve had a cold for 2 weeks now and i feel like poo! I have been stubborn with it too. You know me, i like to avoid taking any medication for something like a cold or a headache. I think i have a macho complex about it which translates in to – I’m a real man – I dont need to take anything my body will heal itself! GRRR! Its a bit silly though as it means i feel like crap!

So it’s November… Its getting cold and i dont like it!

Lasse strikes again

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The norwegian genius strikes again. This guy really is very very creative.




and if you wanna see the older one you can see it here too!


Designers Block

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I’ve been having a bit of a designers block. I have been trying to come up with designs and concepts for a website but nothing has been coming to mind, Where normally i have quite a clear idea on what i want to produce, this time round its just all very erratic. I cant seem to focus on it at all. Also I am beginning top strain my resources financially. I need to get more work in. I have a meeting next week with a new client which will be web and possibly showreel based work. Its an agency so it has potential. The problem is, is that there have been lots of things with potential that have bore no fruit so hopefully this will be good!

Back in Sept I was up in Manchester working on “The Price is Right” this is now airing on ITV in the eve’s ay around 5. It’s amusing watching the people on the show again.

Tomorrow am supposed to be going out in town with John Paul and some of his work mates for a Dance Off! I dunno much about it or how official the thing is but I have been told my stupid dancing stylee should score some big points. Be Warned!