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I need to get back on the bike

By 20 Nov ’06No Comments

I feel like i have abandoned my beautiful bike. I let my bro take it for a while as he was wanting to get fit for a while but he is now away for a week and seeing as there is not much work happening right now I have a lot of spare time. I have not ridden in weeks and i am missing it! I need to have another crack at it. One of the bad things is that my local jump spot has been dug out. The park keepers flattened the lot! 10 years of digging there and its all gone. Some of the jumps there i spent hours on moulding and perfecting. Ok so the last year or so, not so much but i miss it all the same and its just horrible not having it anymore. Pining for my bike sounds odd but i am so there!

This weekend has been a bit of a time warp for my body clock. On Friday night, what was supposed to be a few mates round for a friends birthday turns into a full on party. At first I was a bit miffed but then it was actually quite a good party in the end. I got to bed at 1:30 on Sat afternoon. I got to bed again at 5am Sunday and now its 4am on Monday morning.

Lost Season 3 started tonight. I have to say it was good but not the blockbusting series opener i was expecting. I say nothing more for those who missed it.

I really need some fuggin work! at this stage i will accept offers from Pimps…


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