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I’ve been moaning about my s**tty life on and off for the past few years but not actually doing much about it. Things are changing. I am forcing change. Change is hard. Change is not easy but in order to progress and improve your life, change is essential. I’m trying to get my a**e in gear and be a hell of a lot more proactive and also trying to stop being such a lazy dork. Laziness is part of the root of all the problems I’ve been having. I have been trapped in a cycle that has been pretty self destructive. While working from home is great the bad things about it are that I never do get out much!! Its sad but true. Social interaction has been limited and I’ve missed it. I’ve had days where i se no-one and don’t leave the house which is utterly miserable. Laziness does not inspire me to get out and do stuff. Ok the lack of work has not helped but I realize i have come so engrossed in the importance of money. As a result i have for gotten what’s really important. Yeah its true I’ve been broke alot of the time but i know loads of people who are in the same financial boat and yet they still manage to get out and see their friends and do stuff.

I am tired of moaning and so sick of the person I have turned in to. I don’t actually like the person I am now and need to get back to the person I used to be. I know its not completely possible but it would be nice to get back some of the enthusiasm for life, the vigor and the fun – yeah The FUN. I’m 28 years old. I stay in all the time and do not alot. How pathetic is that! I’m sick of maoning and not really doing anything about it. Now – I AM doing something about it!

Come on change! I’m gonna make you my bitch!

In other news: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO!!!!!

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