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The Nice Guy Complex!

By 18 Dec ’06No Comments

So many lads out there are suffering what is known as the “Nice Guy” complex! I have been know to suffer this affliction too but i wanna actually question this. Maybe this is me getting out of said complex and maybe not i dunno but what i do know is that i think its a pile of s**te to be honest!

Women apparently want a man who is, as a good friend of mine put it on her myspace “a guy who’s sensitive in general but macho in emergencies” are we not that way by default? I know this complex is more to do with how a man feels about himself. Its the confidence thing and general attitude towards life. But I cant help but think half the time women don’t really know what they want themselves. Ok so you want a guy who’s strong, stands up for his beliefs and what he loves and wont let himself be trampled on. Fair enough but you also want a guy who is sensitive and understanding to your needs and all that jazz. I know so many good blokes who are all of the above and yet they still get labeled with the complex. Frankly I’m kinda thinking that i don’t really care anymore! If you don’t like me then sod off! I am the way i am take it or leave it!

I am one of those “Nice Guys” at the end of the day I’m probably a better and stronger man than any gimpy “bad boy” who will probably end up playing all the women he meets for fools! Nice Guys are taken for granted and that is where i see the problem lying!

Where does this all come from? I guess I was thinking about my previous relationships and especially those which ended from getting treated like poo! Yes you all remember the Princess! Anyway. I’m tired of all the pickiness! You know, I know I aint perfect. I’d be the first to openly admit it – hey look, i just did. But the point is you aint either! However! Guys like me are willing to take a chance and see how things go. When in a relationship with someone you have an affect on them. You change them! You Change each other and in a good relationship you help each other grow as human beings and become better people!

Rant over!

Going to go do some shopping for prezzies!


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