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Christmas is coming!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO!

By 21 Dec ’06No Comments

For the first time in a looooooooooooooooooooong time I am really looking forward to Christmas. I’m spending it with my parents, my bro and my eldest sis and its all happening in Glasgow. My dad has put my on the insurance of his car so I can share the driving so that should be interesting! Anyway its an odd thing cause i am really excited about christmas. The last couple of years have been really s**te. As a result of that I’ve stopped myself from feeling. I’ve put all that means dear to me at arms length and avoided thinking and taking it all in. I stopped doing that and now i really do have a new Zest for life! I’m not only excited about christmas but I’m looking forward to what the next year has in store for me!

Spending it in Glasgow is gonna be great! It will be the first christmas since i was a small kid where i’ll be with kids who are gonna get so excited and be jumping around waiting for Santa! It’s gonna be ACE!

I did a wee video for my nearest and dearest which i sent out a few days ago but i thought i’d let everyone see it as it is quite a powerful video that inspires one of those things that christmas is all about – Love! Sorry for the soppiness but its true! – OFFLINE


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