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good day!

By 18 Jan ’07No Comments

Today was a gooooood day! Partly cause last night was a very very good night. Those involved will know why. Even though today did start on a weird note. I woke up after having a weird dream sort og gone badish. I dreamt that i was batman and i was running with catwoman. At one point Catwoman was jumping through the air between a couple of buildings. She was aiming to grab onto a pole traversing the two buildings but she wasn’t gonna make it so I as batman swung down to try and save her.

As we flew she just missed the pole but she was grabing out with her hands and her long claw-like fingernails were tapping off the pole. I then woke up to the same sound which was the ivy outside my window tapping on the glass. It was very odd indeed. Any readings into this would be appreciated.

My afternoon was pretty dull – didnt really get much done. This eve I went and had dinner at Victoria & Richard’s place and James was there too. We had chicken and it was gorgeous. a very tasty meal!

So all in all a good day!


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