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By 22 Jan ’07One Comment

Yes today i find myself grining ear to ear becuase of a certain someone. Not quite ready to go public but needless to say the grin factor is high!

It was a good weekend. Friday eve my sis Angie picked me up and we wnet to the pub to see a friend do a Jazz set. Angie and I had a good ol natter. The first in a loooong time. It was ace even though it was an early night. The perils of parenthood for my dear Sis.

Sat I went to my folks for dinner. Had a nice meal with them and a good ol chat.

Sunday was the usual followed by the pub which was really quite good too. that certain source of grinage was present as were a bunch of other friends. I was forced into eating a bit of humble pie which was painful but also a very good thing. When i got home I watched the first 2 episodes of 24 season 6.

Jack is back!

Afterwards i started a new video graphics project. I’d been wanting to try something for a while and it clicked on how to do it while watching 24. The results so far were excellent.

Taday was spent sorting through all that and developing it further. However Orange are now threatenting to cut me off on my phone bill. The bastards  have still not sorted out their screw-up which is why i aint paid my bill. Then bulldog cut my broadband for the same reason. They too have still not sorted my bills! Argh.

But I’m still grinnin!


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