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By 30 Jan ’07One Comment

So yesterday was fun! – I was a wuss! I dont really wanna explain why but i was! So there! It was justified – Honest! – Everything else in the day was great!!!!

My New Woman had this in her blog so i thought I’d spend some of my time doing the same lil survey thingy here: Ten 2 One

10 random things about me

  • I used to suck my thumb up untill the age of 14.
  • My fingers are a tiny bit webbed
  • there’s a vain on my hand that i’d consider having removed
  • I was President of my Uni Cycling Club
  • I never finished my degree
  • I love to dance
  • I prefer pepsi to coke
  • I can be really shy
  • I wanna get a dog
  • The thing i miss most about Ireland is the proximity of the sea and beach
  • I used to suck my thumb up untill the age of 14.

9 ways to win my heart

  • Having a softly spoken gentle voice
  • Compliments turn me into putty
  • Confidence & Strength & Sillyness all at the same time
  • Being Girly
  • Smile at me
  • Kiss me for no reason
  • Hugs

8 things I wear/carry everyday

  • Wallet
  • watch
  • keys
  • mobile
  • camera – but its dead now!!!! awww!
  • family jewels
  • Ummmm I dunno what else 
  • Girls usually take more with them

7 things that annoy me

  • Arrogance
  • Manipulation
  • Bad Customer Service
  • my own laziness
  • my own lack of confidence
  • When my computer goes wrong
  • really flakey TV reception

6 memories you would go back to just to relive them

  • Long walks as a kid when my Dad told us great stories
  • one time when i was about 4/6 in my Grandmothers kitchen and she was whistling away
  • Silver Strand Sunsets
  • Last Day of college getting drunk with our lectureres on Ealing Green
  • Roni Size Gig in Brighton
  • On Stage with The Who at Hyde Park Calling

5 things I want to do before I die

  • Get married….
  • Have Kids
  • Sky Dive
  • Be Really Old

4 things Im afraid of

  • Failure
  • Rejection
  • not fulfilling my true potential
  • hurting those close to me

3 things I do every day

  • Check my emails
  • have a cup of tea
  • think of what i’m doing with my life

2 things Im trying not to do right now

  • Smoke
  • stay up late doing things i could do in the morning – ahem

1 person I want to see now

  • Ruth

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