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not designed for early mornings

By 31 Jan ’07No Comments

Whoa! – Man i’m a tired boy! Today I went into JohnPaul & Suzannes offices in Pimlico to give Suzanne training on their audio visual ger and editing on Final Cut Pro. So this morning I was up at 7:30 am!!! I know!!!! Shocking for me! Got the tube into the office with the two of em and we cracked on as soon as we got there.

 I’m really impressed with Suzanne and how she coped. Wehn you consider I was trying to pass on 6 years of accumulated knowledge to her in just one day. By about 4 o’clock we were both fading but the last 2 odd hours went well and we got through it all. I think she will need another days training as there was soooo much to take in.

By the end of play i was destroyed! I was also faced with a meeting at Tom’s. Some friends were due to go over there to have a meeting about future work and to have some brain storming on some creative ideas for TV. I had a quick call to my lovely beautiful lady before heading off to the pub. On the way back I got a text from Tom telling me it was cancelled. It was a relief to hear it. I struggled to stay awake on the tube home.

Now I’m home. I had some dinner and an involentary nap on the sofa while watching “Worlds Wildest Police Videos” Oh yes I have such great TV taste. Now I’m jus checking mail and am ghonna go to bed soon. This old man cant do long days!

A wee hello to Terry!I guess I should be sayin Good Mornin!


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