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January 2007


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I’m thinking that part of my lack of regular posting last year was due to the complexity of how i had to write stuff! – Hopefully this will all change now that i have this workin properly! – Yay

Had a nice day today. Mest some frioends this afternoon and had a giggle. Then went on to Meet my bro in law Andrew for his birthday drinks in the pub. It was cool An old friend of mine Simon was there. He’s a year younger than me but he is married with a daughter and another baby on the way. It reminded me that life is going rather quickly! Its weird!

The site

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So Now I have this running off of wordpress I now need to work in all my own style sheets never mind all the old blog entries. I dont think I’ll be able to avoid doing all of this manually which is a bit s**t to be honest. but there you go! From now on the blogging bit should be a much easier process to manage and I’ll be able to do it from anywhere not relying on dreamweaver!

I also have to incorporate all the other stuff like the videos and the gallery and all that stuff – It’ll happen!

Been working on an animation project involving South Park and Richard Branson. So far its looking hilarious and hopefuilly the client will agree.

More Developer stuff

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This site has been evolving dramatically over the years along with my skills. As I learn i apply it to the site. I need to get more flash stuff going but for now I am getting a hold of CSS however its not all plain sailing. I don’t have a full understanding of the coding yet. At the moment i tend to go back over what i have done and adapt that. I’d like to be able to understand the code fully and write from starch – Ho Hum

Still on the look out for a Microsoft SQL database that will run a blog and allow me to use all my css stuff too. If anyone knows of one please let me know. Yes I know there are tones of MySQL free databases like wordpress out there but our web server is a Microsoft based server and the hosting company wont allow us to my mysql onto it – cretins! Anyway any ideas much appreciated!

2007 is here – Good Lord!!

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Its 2007 – Wow! Happy New Year everyone!

So Last Year was a bit s**t for me! We all know this but this year will be better! Well it had better be other wise I’m gonna have to go and kick someones head in, who’s I dont know, pronbably my own. Hoping to pull things together this yera and get everything sorted work wise so I can actually make a living rather than a survival! Its gonna be good!