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Man Flu Strikes

By 3 Feb ’07No Comments

Its fairly well know that women do not take Men seriously when they are hit with Man Flu. On the behalf of mankind i would like to contest this! I know this may be percieved as hitting below the belt but i assure you i only do so as to turn the argument back on our fairer sex.

Women say “oh dont be silly, we feel like crap for 5 days of the month every month and then we give birth – You me know nothing”. This is true. I appreciate men cannot fathom the stresses of the female body and what she goes through. But it is because of this I wonder why women dont understand that our rare occassions of feeling ill are justified. No-one likes feeling like crap and I for one will always render myself useful to a lady feeling horrible. I guess I’m asking for women to not be so flipant when a man is suffering. We appreciate your regular pain so please consider our rare pains.

Saying that the women in my life are all ace about it generally. I was just countering the bashful stereotypical argument!




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