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So I’m feeling much better now. Still not 100% but certainly over the worst of the dreaded man flu! It has been a while since I’ve been that ill. I wanted to just die! But it’s all good now!

Yesterday was a full day. I cleaned the kitchen after it had not been done for about 3 weeks. Stagnent water in some steeping pots was the worst thing to deal with but 3/4 hours of work got it all lovely but i must moan about one thing – its a small thing….


Its soooo not true! – There were stains in out kitchen that requiered serious scrubbing post cillit bang soaking! I was much dissapointed!

Anyway! I made a bit of a fudgeup of the eve. Ruth had a free eve so I invited her around with the intention of cooking her dinner and watching a movie or summat. About an hour after i did this i remembered that I was supposed to be going to meet Dara for a pint in Heathrow as he was over for the Day with work. Me = Dumba**e! But it all worked out in the end. I brought Ruth along with me! We had a good ol time in wetherspoons which was grand. expect for the confrontation i had but i’ll come back to that. After this Ruth and I came back here and we jus hung out for a bit before i took her back to her place and made my way back home – yes i is a gentleman innit!

So The confrontation! We were in Wetherspoons in Heathrow Terminal1. The bar was pretty full and a free space came up so i moved forward to the bar knowing full well who was needing to be served next. As a former bar man i appreciate this and always take a mental note on these things. Suddenly this huge middle aged suit with a burley scottish accent comes blaring in at me saying “Oi dont jump the f*~king cue” – I was about to say – “Dude, Its a bar, relax, i know you are before me, I’m just standing here at the bar waiting my turn” All I got to say was “Dude, Its a bar….” Then idiot starts saying “THERE IS NO ARGUMENT I AM FIRST BLAH BLAH” while getting right in my face.  I camly say to him “if you let me finish” but i need to say it 3/4 times before he shuts up but then the bar man says that he is aware of who is first and not to worry. So i then turn to him and say ” See its a bar! you will get serverd when its your due turn and that is what i was going to let happen so there was no need to get in my face and be obnoxiously rude about it” All the while this was going on I was thinking – I really dont wanna have to punch this guy if he starts. It made me realise my knoew stance on confrontation. I feel much more able to hold my own ground where as before i would usually have jus been a big wuss!

On my way home from Ruth’s i almost had another too! (I aint looking for it i assure you) I was followed by some black kid. I usually have a very keen awarness of this and i did the thing of crossing the street a couple of times and what not to test this and low and behold the idiot followed. I then stopped and turned around, when he saw this he stopped and went back the way he came. – I obviously scared him away YAAAAR!

Its funny that the 2 things happened on the same day.


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