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Love me tender….

By 12 Feb ’07No Comments

This morning i find my arms tender and sore. While yesterdays move with Tom went very smoothly it was very hard work and i find my arms is sore innit! The woman in the Van turned up at around 11am and we packed the van. Tom’s mate Gary gave us a hand so it went well with only a cumbersome couch proving to be a bit of a pain to shift.

At the other end it was only the Van lady and me and my bro so it took us a lil longer and a bit more effort but we got there in the end. I did manage to screw my left arm by grabbing an over ambitious  box. I had a wobble resulting in all the weight going on my left arm and i think i must have pulled summat as i lost any movement over my shoulder in that arm for the rest of the day. It feels better now but not 100%.

After this i popped over to Acton to do the church thing which was nice. We then went to the pub and then on to Ruth’s. She got a new Telly! I had to sort it out for her to get it all plumed into her setup at home but it was peasy! We then watched Lost with Carolyn & Abbie. – Generally an altogether good day.

This morning I woke at 7:15am…….on purpose too! IKerry called me at 7:30 and arrived 10 mins later with Mitsu. I am looking after this beheamoth Puppy during the days this week for Herself and Tosh as Tosh is away Snowboarding. It should be fun!




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