Hot Fuzz


We went to see this last night! It was excellent! It didnt quite have the consistent laughs as Shaun of the Dead but it was still stupidly funny. There were some parts that were just a little slow and others where it was cheap comedy. I know thats what they do best but they’ve always been good with holding back gags for the sake of cracking one but in this there were a few that didnt work for me. It is well worth watching though and i recommend it highly!


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  1. Yo Mark dude. Saw this the other evening and laughed very heartily in most of the appropriate places. Like y'self I found some of the gags left me stoney faced (who me!? captain constrained!?). When it was really rockin' it was *really* rockin' and had me hysterical. I liked the way it was shot in particular. Whilst it was very silly (and I am all for very silly – I don't considerate that a negative criticism) it had some beautiful one-liners and reaction gags. Bits that had me really gigglin' with delight were quite simple. Like fr'instance when they are in the Somerfield (Somefield – brilliant) takin' on all of the staff and shootin' everythin' that moved. "What have we got here?" asks Angel after he has just had a crackingly stupid fist fight with the tall Shopping assistant. "Two blokes with one hell of a lot of cutlery" (or something similar). Then they charge down the counter with trolleys. Brilliant.

    I loved S.O.T.D and that was I agree, consistently funnier. I liked this more though! 😉

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