So it’s official now. Last week I gave the go ahead to some friends over in Acton that I would move in to their place. 127 has served me well. Party Party 127, Poker Poker 127, Vive le 127 and many other parties get togethers were had but alas time must go on and one must advance one life and turn different corners. My corner is the exotic borough of “Acton”!! Some of you may ask why!!!! Well when the decision was made to move I immediately thought of Acton cause of me Sis and my oldies. 2 days after in a chance conversation some friend s told me they needed a new house mate so it seems to be working out. It jus so happens that ma girly lives jus down the street to so it’s a double bonus. What’s really weird is the fact that the house I will be moving into is the same house both my sisters have previously lived in! Tis MENTAL! That is like some weird kind of psychological thriller movie but less the death and misery and general horribleness! 

 Anyway – It’s on and I’m looking forward to it! It’ll be sad to part “living” company with JP but I aint worried. I am really looking forward to it quite alot! Woot woot. Good bye huge massive room with convenient 24 hour store directly opposite and tube 30 seconds away – hello Acton!  

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  1. Wow mate let me kow when its happening. A new era for everyone. Love you mate – youre the best xxx

  2. Where in Acton?? When are you moving? OOh it's all change! But change can be a good thing. Hope to see you soon babe xx

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