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a good day

By 12 Mar ’07One Comment

Today was a good day! in fact the whole weekend was a good weekend.

Friday I spent the day with Ruth. We went and walked Mitsu (the wonder dog) in Gunnersbury Park, then had some lunch. We watched a biot of TV and then headed back to Acton so Ruth could change and i could go see my Mom – it was the annaversary of the death of her sister Valerie. Man its amazing how quick the year went by. As cliched as it sounds it does feel like yesterday when we were there.

After this we headed down to Twickenham and saw Jimmer as it was his Birthday. We saw all the Czecks which was ace but I couldnt drink cause i was driving so was a lil difficult to get into the swing of things but it was ace al the same.

Sat morning i woke at 9am and headed over to Acton whwere I took part in the new Acton Market. The church i go to had a stall there giving away free tea and coffee and choccie things. I was manning the stall all day and it was ace. It reminded me of my early Waffel Wagon days when i worked the stall on Portabello Road. – Oh the memories. It was a really ace day if a lil knackering. Its been a while since i spent the day on my feet.

Sat eve was Carolyns Birthday hoohaa in acton. Carolyn is one of the girls i shall be living with when I move. Ther was a big bunch of people there and it was great. Again i was not drinking due to driving. I suppose its good though cause OJ and Lemonade is considerably cheaper than beer cider or vodka.

Today was good. The video in the previous post was used during the service of the church i go to as per the request of the Vicar. It went down a storm which was ace.

To those of you wondering – Yes I have been going to church! And NO its not cause of Ruth. I sarted going to church last November/December and it is where i met her but its been a really good experience. All this God stuff is nothing of what i thought it was made out to be. Its actually quite cool really.

Anyway when i drove over today i threw the roof down on the car and had the sun blazing down on me! It’s gonna be a wicked summer this year – i cant wait!


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