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Tesco & Fridges

By 14 Mar ’07No Comments

So Yesterday I did a shoot with My brother for Tesco. We went up to their fresh foods distrobution plant in Peterborough leaving here at 6:30am and arriving there at 9:15am – traffic was s**tty! What Tom forgot about was that this warehouse is a refriderated unit. Basically its a big fridge! Did we have warm clothes? No – of course not. We did both bring coats despite the weather being glorious. It was a looong cold day but we got through it all the same.

NOw I have to start the edit even though we need to do another shoot. I am waiting to here back from the PRE lot as to when we will do that be it tomorrow or Friday. As my bro is away will be using a diff camera man. Should be all good though.


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