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By 23 Mar ’072 Comments

so i go around alot of the time having no work! Now i am running myself into the ground wit this tesco job.

In the last week I’ve had an average of 3 hours sleep each night, driven over 750 miles, spent an obscene amount of time infront of my screeen, eaten alot of crappie food and smoked a stupid amount of cigaretts!

I am tired


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  • Ruth says:

    sympathetic snarf……..x

  • mark says:

    Yeah, but thats what freelancings all about isn't it?
    At the end of the day you are your own boss.
    One of my friends also works in the film industry as a clapper loader and he is also self employed.
    I always wonder how he keeps himself supported,but he does!
    Free like the wind this one is…


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