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Moving and Fast Indians

By 30 Mar ’07One Comment

So this is prolly gonna be the last post i write living at 127. I started this website while i was living here and the end of an era has come. 127 has been an experience. I have alot of memories from this place. Some good some bad. The last year was a difficult one. As you know it was fraught with financial and emotional heartache. I now find myself in a much better place and moving to a better place.

Things I have done here and memories of this place:

  • Started web design
  • internet dating
  • made new friends
  • lived with some GREAT friends
  • lived with some very difficult people
  • lived with some gay people (oooh matron)
  • Party Party 127
  • Poker Poker 127
  • and of course “Vive le 127”
  • I’ve grown wiser.
  • I’ve become a better, stronger person.
  • become a better editor
  • had some really stupid chats whilst intoxicated
  • eaten alot of terrible food.
  • became a smoothie king
  • made some great soups
  • become a better cook
  • had a couple of Christmas dinners
  • gotten into Vodka
  • stopped riding my bike as much as i’d like
  • wasted alot of time
  • i.e. become really good at procrastination.
  • built several custom PC’s
  • been challenged by my friends
  • realised the importance of friendship and family
  • been a bad friend
  • been a bad brother and son
  • BUT turned those around and become a better son and brother and hopefully a better friend
  • changed my own outlook on life
  • felt worthless
  • then realised my worth
  • went freelance
  • made alot of stupid silly videos
  • taken controll of my life
  • Laughed a stupid amount
  • been very depressed at times
  • met Ruth
  • reconnected with God

There are many others, all in all, I look back on this place with mixed feelings. The good times should outweigh the bad ones but it does not work out that way. Its quite evenly spaced really. Why is it that human nature makes us remeber the bad stuff more easily then the good stuff? Why are negative thoughts more memorable than positive ones? Why is pain more memorable than love? Maybe its just been my situation has been full of s**ttyness. I’m leaving all that behind though. Cue Cliche! I’m starting a whole new chapter in my life and its looking really really good.

I cant remember if i said anything about the new place so forgive me if i repeat myself. I’m moving to Acton. Oh yes! The Urban Paradise that is Acton. I chose Acton because of family. But it gets really weird but cool. The house I am moving into is directly opposite my sister Angie’s place. My parents are at the top of the street and an added bonus is that Ruth lives at the bottom of the street. Where it gets really weird is that both my sisters have previously lived in this house! Its strange! I’m moving in with some cool people too so overall its gonna be wicked despite the room being considerably smaller. I’m looking forward to it! I move on Sat.

So Fast Indians? I watched the movie “The Worlds Fastest Indian” this eve. Its a bit of a dull movie but great for a late night loose yourself in a movie escapade. Its a basic story of you can do anythjiing you set your mind to. I really enjoyed it.

Ruth is away in Canada for 2 weeks and i miss her dearly. It’ll be ace though when she’s back as she’ll be a 30 second walk away! Snarf!


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  • Ruth says:

    Great post babes. Looking back and evaluating 'eras'of life is always so insightful. As for the bad stuff being so potent…I so agree! Heard once that it takes 17 encouragements to displace the sticking power of one discouragement!! Which is prob why I love being around you so much as you are always such an encourager!

    Theological musing alert!!: Maybe it's cuz the world is so broken and it leans towards the bad. The Kingdom of God is what pulls us back to the light and the good.

    As a cool dude I know once said:
    'In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.' John 16:33

    Miss you heaps, Rxx

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