lucky to be alive…..

Yes – I am a very very lucky man as I should/could have been killed on Sat afternoon. So there i was cruisin down the M4 towards Bristol on my way to meet up with Kev & Toni. It was a horrible day for weather as the april showers had appearred a month later. At around 5:20 ish I hit one very very torrential downpour which made the car aquaplane. I’ve done a lil video of what happened.

With how wet it was and how busy the road was – I am so so VERY VERY lucky!


Clicky thumbs for biggies


 Google Map of the location

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  1. […] Lucky to be alive! – I almost died! So on sat afternoon while driving dorn the motorway towards Bristol I had an accident. I was cruisin down the middle lane of the M4 in torrential rain and the car aquaplaned (for those who dont know what that means: its when the tyres cannaot hold enough water in the tread and thus decided to float ontop of the water surface rather than grip the road. So there i am and the back end twitches to the left, then the right,then it strats fish tailing like a mad thing until finally going into a massive long spin sliding across the fast lane and into the central reservation barrier grinding backwards along it. A swereving 5 Series BMW missed me by inches while swerveing to avoid me and the Mercedes Van that was behind it in the fast lane – well, as i was sliding backwards down the motorway at 70mph (not every day you get to say that) i was able to see the expression on the guys face – it was one of sheer horror. I was able to spin the front end back around at the last minute to avoid stopping in the fast lane facing the wrong way. I got the car started again very quickly and wheelspun away to get out of the way of traffic and over onto the hard shoulder and by sheer fluke i stopped under a bridge so i didnt even get rained on! Now THAT is L U C K Y ! ! ! I made a lil animation of the crash » lucky to be alive….. __________________ / MyYouTube / / […]

  2. crikey mate, please dont' go binning yourself under a lorry or something!

    maybe you should take up race car driving 🙂

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