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June 2007


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Here i sit on the couch of my lovely woman contemplating life and i keep asking myself – where is my career going? What is it doing? Where do I want it to go? What would i like to do? What am I suited for! Yes some full on shizzle be goin on in me noggin! Time to get ma think on!

I see that being proud about my carreer has gottenm me no-where so i must submit to the fact that my job is not working out for me. It must change! If i am to go on with my life and truly leave the nastiness that was the past few years behind i must sort my job out. I jus aint found it yet!


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So i have not been posting alot. In fact i have not being doing much of anything on this as of late. The last 6-8 weeks have been pretty full on. Ive been a busy boy and as usual a broke boy.

Stuff i been thinking of:

Do i change it or seriously look at how to fix my career one last time. While i love the work i do its not good being broke all the time.

If i change it what would i do? What are my skills? what do i like? what would i like to do? what would it be like workin for someone else?

I have not seen some of my friends in a stupidly loooong time!!!! Missing them now lots – i will arrange summat.

This weekend is gonna be full on especially driving Angies car to glasgow!

I can run! no really – since giving up smoking i no longer cough up a lung when i run.

bills suck.

oh bollocks!

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So I have not been paid yet and its getting stupid again!

Looks like the whole of the outstanding council tax is gonna have to be paid by me – its only about £1000.

The insurance docs for the car still not come through.

Oh and Tom’s car was towed cause of tax which means some t****r on my street called the DVLA!

 Yay and joy! – Me not liking this!

Thunder Trailer

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