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October 2007

Bluescreen & Drunkeness

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My PC is dying! GRR – The bluescreen of death keeps visiting my screen and i think its the motherboard which is going! AAAARGH!

Have some funny drunk animals:

Another Year Older

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Wow! Another year passes. This time when I look back, I am amazed by how diffrent this year has been and how so so so much has changed. Where to start? Its been mental but all in a good way. This time last year every wednesday i was attending an Alpha Course.

It’s amazing how the dubious act of a pigeon crapping on my head would change my life in such a big way. Now I have a fiance!

I was gonna write this big long post but i dont have any writing ability today. – Maybe later.


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SO the work going oni in our house that, after much deliberation, our landlord promised we would only need to be oput of our rooms for a day and no nights…..well looks like i’ll be lucky to ghet back into my room tonight!

 I am not a happy boy! The workmen also managed to nearly wreck my PC even thought i placed it somwehere safe! not impressed! – Want my room back! Got work to do!

Light Ride

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Saw this and though – Now that’s a gimick but i get the impression that it’d be difficult for motorists at night NOT to see you.

css grr

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been tryng to swap out the DHTML menu tony created for the Oak Tree site but each time i do it Firefox refuses to display it and IE puts it at the top of the page despite my placing it in the excat same Div tags and not changing the div settings in the css! Arg! – And i wanted an early night – its 4am! Doh! So much for a quick 10 mins!

And tomorrow I have to face putting up with our landlord and his crew of dodgy builders coming over to start work on the house! I really aint looking forward to the morning!