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November 2007

Ring and Ting – Wedding Rings

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Right! I need some blokey input. I have narrowed the choice of wedding ring down to 2 ring contenders. These are both Titanium.

In the BLUE corner we have:

While in the RED corner we have:

So what say ye ❓

Just call me Carol….

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So am going a bit Countdown crazy! But just so you know….

It’s Christmas in 26 days

It’s my birthday in 27 days

It’s New Year’s Eve in 32 days

Mark and I start marriage prep in 42 days

It’s Jon & Al’s wedding and Lisa’s 30th Birthday Party in 44 days

It’s Mark and my year anniversary of getting together in 49 days

It’s Valentine’s Day in 77 days

It’s our wedding day in 100 days!!!!!!



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I really have broken the back of wordpress. I’ve been so busy developing other websites that i’ve completely neglected this one. Our work website is now back up online using wordpress check it out. I am also developing and

Neither have anything online yet (except taylors original site) but its exciting times knowing that i’ve got this stuff nailed.

bored but stayin awake

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So here i am in Waterloo trainstation at 3:07am. Later this morning the last eurostar train will leave waterloo as from today onwards it will be operating out of St.Pancreas station. Why am i here? Well i am baby sitting a video wall for the morning, well untill about 7am when the others return. I was given the unenviabke task of staying here all night. Oh the joy. Thankfully Willis left his laptop here for me to play about on to keep me from suicide.

Its been along time since i did any videowall work. infact the last one was in Manchester last september of last year. It was a couple of weeks after that when i did the Alpha course and i met Ruth. Its a year. Thats quite amazing. I have now known ruth for a year and I will be marrying her which is the coolest thing ever.

In the past i thought i knew what love was. Really. I’ve had relationshipsthat i considered having a future with. I had thought of marrige before but i feel like an idiot when i remember the mindset i was in then. The thing with ruth is that she loves me completely. She knows that i’m an arrogant idiot sometimes. That i’m proud. I’m pigheaded, I’m lazy and my career prospects dont loook great and yet she loves me inspite of these things. In fact she goes one further and she loves those things anyway. To love someone so completely that you love them warts and all is such an amazing thing. It is truly awe inspiring. I feel like such a lucky git! I AM a lucky GIT.

I thank God sincerly for this. Without him life sucked. Now it RAWKS! If you dont know him you should say hello – he’s really quite cool you know.

Robinsons Meet The Barnes

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My Parents meeting Ruths Parents – What a weekend!

Changes, changes….all around…

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So – am getting married to the boy of this site…and being a wife-in-training is kinda wierd. How to juggle the new dynamic of relationships with your parents, with his parents, with your girlfriends…with him – kind of gets my brain going all squishy sometimes.

Engagement is mental – one of the biggest life changes you are ever going to experience topped only by perhaps the prospect of being a parent…and I’m worried of being a wedding bore, I’m worried about the budget for the biggest party I’ll ever throw, I’m worried everyone is judging me for what I say or don’t say, do or think…. Plus I have this awesome fiance who has an opinion on every little detail of the wedding – which makes for daily compromises and thrashing out of stuff.

This all makes it sound like a nightmare – honestly it isn’t – there are so many brilliant things about it. I am so ridiculously excited and happy sometimes I think I might just explode as I can’t contain it – but it is an emotional rollercoaster ride!

We are a third of the way through now – March 8th starting to loom bigger and bigger on the horizon. So close and yet somehow still so far!

This journey towards one-ness is crazy – but I believe the Big Man is preparing us pretty well and holding us together when things get mad.

I’m grateful to Him…and to the boy who puts up with me when I am hormonal, grumpy, petulant and selfish – no actually he more than puts up with me – he encourages and loves me like no one else ever has. Irishmark – you rock dewd!!