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Changes, changes….all around…

By 5 Nov ’07No Comments

So – am getting married to the boy of this site…and being a wife-in-training is kinda wierd. How to juggle the new dynamic of relationships with your parents, with his parents, with your girlfriends…with him – kind of gets my brain going all squishy sometimes.

Engagement is mental – one of the biggest life changes you are ever going to experience topped only by perhaps the prospect of being a parent…and I’m worried of being a wedding bore, I’m worried about the budget for the biggest party I’ll ever throw, I’m worried everyone is judging me for what I say or don’t say, do or think…. Plus I have this awesome fiance who has an opinion on every little detail of the wedding – which makes for daily compromises and thrashing out of stuff.

This all makes it sound like a nightmare – honestly it isn’t – there are so many brilliant things about it. I am so ridiculously excited and happy sometimes I think I might just explode as I can’t contain it – but it is an emotional rollercoaster ride!

We are a third of the way through now – March 8th starting to loom bigger and bigger on the horizon. So close and yet somehow still so far!

This journey towards one-ness is crazy – but I believe the Big Man is preparing us pretty well and holding us together when things get mad.

I’m grateful to Him…and to the boy who puts up with me when I am hormonal, grumpy, petulant and selfish – no actually he more than puts up with me – he encourages and loves me like no one else ever has. Irishmark – you rock dewd!!


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