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Mechanic in a china shop

By 1 Dec ’07May 23rd, 2009No Comments

Ive had a few interesting days this week! Its been quite full on in some ways. All in all a good week though!

  • Wednesday Afternoon– I had an interview with a great company up in Hemel Hempstead. The company are really cool, the people seem really ace and the work looks like it would be great. We’ll see what happens with this one. I’d be very tempted by a job here.
  • Wednesday eve – I met Ruth’s old Vicar and his wife Mike and Linda. They mean alot to Ruth and they both are very fond of her too so it was great meeting them for us to all meet was fun. They are lovely people.
  • Thursday – I got in the car and the clutch had finally gone completely! I had a look under the bonnet and saw that there was no fluid whatsoever in the clutch flui resivoir. A quick call to kev told mewhat to get from Halfords and later that day i succesfully rebled the system and fixed the clutch. Go Me mr Mechanic!
  • Thursday Eve – went round to see tom after his return from Saudi. Was great to see him and Mine.
  • Today – i broke my website trying to upgrade it but eventually managed to fix it.
  • This eve – went to a dinner with ruth for all the local church leaders. This was quite odd as there were many people there who i hd known years ago. It wasnt as bad as i thoyught it might be at all.

Now I tired and should go to bed. I have to go meet Phil in the morning and talk hosting plans! Woooo!


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