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I found an Old tune i made…

By 17 Dec ’07December 17th, 20124 Comments

Back in the day I used to try and write some Drum & Bass tunes. JP and I would spend hours on these tracks but all of mine were…well….s**t basically. This track is probably the only tune that was every any good and that had potential. I wrote the music over a few days and then one night had a dream about the melody and on waking up the following morning i remembered it so i recorded it straight away.

Its rubbish and my singing is awful but the baseline is PHAT! BOOYAH!

This is the result.


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  • mark says:

    You really get the high notes in,wow!
    I have also messed around with techno music 6 or 7 years back but never made any vocals,thats mad.
    I used fruity loops and sometimes vegas to create my beats,what are you or did you use to make your wicked baseline,sounds groovy!

  • mark says:

    You really get the high notes in also.
    I used to make experimental techno years back but never even thought about doing any vocals,well done.
    I used fruity loops and vegas to mix and create beats,watcha using?

  • irishmark says:

    i don't monkey?

  • irishmark says:

    i do think this tune has legs, just not with my vocal!

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