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March 2008

Married and that

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I´m married to a beautiful caring woman and it ROCKS! Guys, I´m speaking to all you single men out there, – Get yaself a wife´- they are quite cool.

3 Days

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I get married in 3 days! Wow! I’ve not veen writing much dude to the fact that i have been sooo busy with work and planning the wedding. It really is exhausting to be honest. The last few weeks have been so mainc. I aint had time to scratch my own rear end let alone see my friends or chill out. The only person who’s gotten time with me is my lovely Ruth.

Anyway – I dont mean to moan about it. Its amazing – WOW – I’M GETTING MARRIED IN THREE DAYS! WOHOOOOOOOO.

Life is just a huge ball of personal evolution right now. Yay.