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April 2008

Fun fun fungal at the Robinson’s

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Ok so maybe more bacterial than fungal but there you go. I Have strep throat and Glandular Fever. WEYHEY! Its loooadsa fun – well about as much fun as headbutting a cactus.

I am not off work but I am under instruction to take it easy. This weekend was a bit of a washout with feeling run-down and crap and ill and generally horrible. Poor Ruth has had to put up with my yuckness. We really are testing the “in sickness & in health” part of our vows right now.

We did however buy a TV table ( – the a**eholes, screwed us out pf the free table that was supposed to comewith the TV) and we bought our Tent.

That is all – i must work now.

Busy and dat – again.

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I was quite fearful of starting a full time position back in Jan. I was thinking it would be too much but its cool. While i am very very busy and rarely have time to procrastinate it means my mind is being used properly now. I am getting an enormous amount of job satisfaction although i is eating into my personal time somewhat.

When i think about meeting friends after work i am almost instantly put off. Not cause they are boring retards – wll, maybe some of em, but no its cause i am always so tired when i get back from work. Maybe it’s cause of the hour commute each way, i dunno but it tends to rule out weekday meetings but then that makes weekends pressured to fit everyone in.

Wowhow life has changed! – Ruth had an idea the other day to do with my repeditive illnesses. Seeing as i am out and about and n longer living like a hermit as i was when i was a freelancer, maybe i am exposing myslef to more germs.

I finally went and signed up with a GP. This morning for the first time in over 10 years i saw the quakc.-  and it didnt hurt all that much either.

we are sick

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together, my wife and I (i still love saying that, are ill. we have the sickness – uuuugfh

being sick together takes the edge off.