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What a Weekend…

By 28 May ’08No Comments

That really was an ace weekend. It was prolly the most fun packed weekend I’ve had in ages.

Fri eve – Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull– Yeah we went to see it and i really enjoyed it. The last 20mins are rubbish but the rest is really good fun. Some fantastic Indy moments and great references to the other movies.

Sat afternoon: Nissan QASHQAI Challenge – Ruth suggested this when she heard about it on the radio. We took the tube to embankment then walked down to the Tate Modern. As it hadn’t begun yet we walked around the tate for a while but this ended up being a mistake because by the time the event started proper i Had sore feet ad legs. It was cool seeing a bit of it though.

Monday: Alton Towers. on sun night we drove up north and spent the night with friends and then spent the day at Alton Towers. that was ace. Oblivion i rode 3 times-  i do love its intensity. Rita Queen of speed – its stupidly fast – Its not right.

A great weekend all in all.


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