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July 2008

Genius x 2

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[youtube width=”425″ height=”355″]

Do not watch if you don’t like stupid children.

My Amazing Wife

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Ruth wearin random stuff from a supermarket on her head

Ruth wearin random stuff from a supermarket on her head

My wife really is amazing! I love her alot but thi week I am especially impressed. In the last week she has faced two of her biggest fears.

1). Un-Scripted Preaching. She was due to preech on Sunday but it was to be slightly diffret. usually she would script her sermons word for word and rarley would she wander far from those exact words. Last week she only wrote notes for her sermon. The result was the best sermon she has ever done. I was so proud of her and everyone was really impressed.

2). Rth has had an unrealistic fear of driving. While we hve been hunting for Cars this fear has been pooping its lil head up and around through out the process but on Monday she drove all the way from Welwyn Garden City. Now it may seem trivial but this really was a very bif.g deal for her an I think she is fantastically amazing for doing this.

Yay Wifey – check her blog here.


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This is our new car. Its a Peugeot 306 2.0 HDi. We picked it up last night and we are both very very happy. While i will be sad to see the MX5 go I am equally happy to have our very own car. Surprisingly this car does shift. Maybe part of this is down to the fact that the MX5 has been a dog to drive and i was expecting a diesel to be sluggish.

We bought it from a dealer in Welwyn Garden City called K-Cars. A very typcal type of place but the guy was nice enough and didnt talk too much bull nd the price was right.

How we founditwas amusing too. It has been hard graft trying t find something. in our remit : 5door hatch diesel under 4k under 8 years old. We had a list of cars to see that we go from Autotrader. We were all over the place from Amersham to Wembley. We actually went to Welwyn to see a Pug 307 but that was a bit rubbish. It was quite late in the day at this point and we had only test driven one other car which was a focus (it was very dull to drive). Next to the 307 dealer was another garage but they were all over our price range.

Ruth turned to me andsuggested we pray and I agreed. At that split second ruth saw a sign for anoter garage down the road. So we went down there and hidden round the corner was this place K-Cars. Out the front was parked our gleaming 306. I wanted! We took it for a test drive and even Ruth drove it. I checked it over and nothing seemed out of place.

The following day after checking insurance we phoned and put a deposit down. He said it might be a few days tp get it taxed and MOT’s but y’day at lunch he rang and said it was ready so Ruth left work early came to Hemel then we drove over and got it. Ruth then, amazingly bravley, drove all the way back to Acton following me in the MX5.

We are happy. She drives great looks good and didn’t cost the earth!


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We are seriously looking for a new car now. We are going on holiday on the 26th July and need it before then.

We want either a Turbo Diesel VW Golf or Seat Leon.

If you see one – let me know.