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really need a haircut

By 2 Oct ’08No Comments

So this eve we decided on dinner and a movie. It resulted in us realising =that park royal cinema has really gone down the tube.

the place =dirty and messy. The film choice was poor and service was crap. We also =went to chiquitos which was even worse. Food was rubbish and over priced =and service was so slow.

we saw Taken. It was ok. Good fight =sequences but that was all.

This was done on an N95 – 8GB.–EPOC32-44Pwmkv4TbdV86jGkJMQV’w6Shx0cfWsDR,3xxF_-6,W3qhgContent-Type: image/jpegContent-Disposition: attachment; filename=”02102008211.jpg”Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64


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