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three zero looming

By 6 Oct ’08No Comments

Firstly I must say Happy birthday to my sis! I love yo Sandra and i think you are an amazing mother and sister.

Seeing as Sandra’s birthday is to day this can only mean that my brithday is looming, by thursday it’s the big one.


Wow. It just feels absolutely ridiculous that I am going to be 30 years old! When did i suddenly get to this age. In some ways i have real reservations about it. Its a lot of little things like not wanting to be all responsible and wanting to have longer summer holidays – you know the kind of things i used to do as kid. Even that shows it up, it shows up the ageing process. It shows that i really am a grown up now. HA! It just doesn’t feel like it should be this way and this has been making me get my stress on a bit….


I think about how my life is. I really am at a great point in my life. I have never ever been happier. I have an amazing Wife, i have a great job which i love, I have a wonderful family and a great bunch of friends and the really great thing is that it just keeps getting better and better. As i read through the stuff i wrote about my last birthday I can see how things just have been getting better all the time.

I really am so thankful for all i have and I thank GOD for every bit of it.


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