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They say that when you get older you will start to see a tendency for your body to slow down. This is when you start growing hair in places like your nose and ears and another thing is that you may start putting on weight a little easier.

I’ve been 30 only a few days now and its already started. The last 2 nights in a row the waistband of my jeans felt tight. I’ve been noticing a bulge around my belly. Quickly realising that i wasn’t pregnant i thought it may be the marriage weight gain which i attribute not to weight gain but more to stomach muscle relaxation which results in a slight protrusion.

What i question is,  was always unaware that i had been sucking it in ever so slightly? I know i was no fat bastard – I’ve always been captain skinny, its just a bit of a shock to realize that even I can put on some weight and grow a belly. I think it really is time to get the bike out of Carolyn’s shed.


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