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Quantum of Something

By 3 Nov ’08No Comments

 Last night, my gorgeous wifey and i decided to go and see Quantum of Solace after church. Now before i commence this rant i have o say we both loved it. The film is a great Bond movie. I can understand why it has gotten some bad reviews but i think that’s just plain narrow-mindedness. For a film legacy to continue it must evolve. This is not the tongue and cheek type of film we used to know in the days of Connery and Moore. No Craig plays a very sinister Bad Ass MoFo of an agent who makes the guys from “Spooks” look like sissys.


Every single shot was beautifully crafted but the story line left me wanting a little bit more and not in a satisfied “cant wait for the next one” kind of way. It felt a bit too much like it was focusing on Bonds bereavements rather than ass woopin. That said, it’s still really really great. I still miss not seeing “Q” ad cant wait for when they do introduce him, if ever.

THE RANT BIT What annoyed me the most as this: I had managed to not read any reviews or see any trailers for he movie. I wanted my eyes to be un-tainted and virginal to this film. They were when we walked into the cinema. BUT  then they started with th ads. There were about 15 mins of ads from watches to computer games based around the movie and very single one showed footage from the film. WHAT IDIOT DIDNT THINK THIS ONE THROUGH. They may as well have shown the whole movie in a 10 Min promo. Ok ok, so it wasn’t that bad but it did severely annoy me.

Be warned! Spoilers in the adverts!

Other Things:

On Sat wifey and I went to Littlehampton on Sat. It rained alot but we had a good time walking down the beach and having tea in the tea-rooms/arcade – an interesting mix yes!





The fish head was weird. The drive home was horrible as the rain was chucking it down and was no fun to deal with.

Other photos include Dan (the singer and my cameraman fr the day)with his feat of snow prowess..

and some pretty autumnal leaves.

Also – I’ve created a VIMEO page. YouTube is becomming a pain, The quality is rubbish and it takes hours to upload to so there you have it.


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