Christianity is dull, boring and frumpy?

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Before i became a christian i used to often think that Christianity was dull, frumpy and boring. I quickly realized that this was soooo far from he case. Yes there are some people out there who prefer a slower paced style of practising relgion which is absolutely fine. BUT there are people out there who live dynamic lives who make a difference in the name of Jesus.

27-7 shorts (which is part of the 24-7 Prayer movement – an idea of having prayer rooms in different cities that have prayer going on 24-7) is a website with a bunch of movies about Christians doing some amazing things and they are sooooo far from being frumpy/dull/boring. This is the kind of stuff I’d love to get into. Here are a few (MP4 Format):

[flv width=”420″ height=”265″]http://www.irishmark.net/MEDIA//2008/11/prayer_as_mission.mp4[/flv] Prayer as Mission

[flv width=”420″ height=”265″]http://www.irishmark.net/MEDIA//2008/11/prayer_as_justice.mp4[/flv] Prayer as Justice [flv width=”420″ height=”265″]http://www.irishmark.net/MEDIA//2008/11/prayer_as_community.mp4[/flv] Prayer as Community [flv width=”420″ height=”265″]http://www.irishmark.net/MEDIA//2008/11/prayer_as_a_movement.mp4[/flv] Prayer as a Movement


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