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I have to admit here to being one to Listen to BBC Radio 1. I like the music selection but over the past 10 months i have been finding myself tuning into other stations like Radio2/4, Virgin even Heart and Magic! I realise that i am not part of their ‘people aged 16-24’ demographic. I guess I’m getting older and things are starting to pass me by.

Last night was another occassion whee i was quite disturbed by the stance the NewsBeat team were taking on a particular story. The outline was that certain councils are now providing the Contraceptive Jab to girls as young as 13. While this in itself is a quesgionable thing to do it was the attitude the reporting tea took on it was one of sheer apathy.

There have been stories where they have put an incredibly biased slant or spin on a story knowing that thier younh impressionable audience will lap it up and take this “slant” as fact. The pioont being that thier listners takeon board the message they give. So reporting on a strory apethetically sends out that message.

Instead of looking at this problem of under-16’s haveing illegal sex they just say – Dont worry – there is an easy way out! They inteviewd a young girl who said – she doens’t have to remember to take a pill or a patch. Well GOOD FOR HER! She doesnt have to face the consequences of breaking the law neve mind the emotional and moral consequences. Not once did the reporter mention the fact that oung peiople uder he age of 16 shouldn’t be havin sex. This is just irrespossible news casting and this apathetic attitude to underage sex is not the first occurence.

Undrage pregnancy is an issue in this country. Unless they are told by people they look up to that they dont have to jump into bed with people and probably should wait, well, it’s going to continue being a growing problem. We need t remember that these kids are just that – THEY ARE CHILDREN. they don’t have the mental maturity to understand the consequences of sex.

Newsbeat need to get their act together because at the moment they may aswell tell these kids directly yo go ad sleep around and tell then that nothing matters – That’s the basic message they’v been giving….

Maybe they need to look at the position of authority they hold and how much our youth look to them for advice?


This is cute and creepy at the same time:

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