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February 2009

it works

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I think i finally got this posting from the phone nailed now. The only thing is that it can only handle 1 image at a time but we shall see?

maybe the next version of WordPress will support this.

fatal error

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I keep getting fatal errors on the site when trying to upload photos. I manages to sort it so that i ca do a standard upload but i just cant get it to work with seding  a photo from the mobile whcih is most frustrating!

Pancakes – ooh look it’s Lent!

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Last night we invited my folks over to have pancakes for pancake Tuesday. Pancake day is what the day is know as by most people these days but what it actually is is Shrove Tuesday which is the day preceding the first day of Lent. Lent being that a period of 40days of fasting before Easter. We had a brilliant time with my parents and enjoyed much of the stogy joy that is pancakes.


After yesterdays outburst if feeling over whelmed i decided that i could probably do something simple about it. So I’ve decided to cull some of the news feeds during the Lent period. I may decide to do some other things to but i’ll figure that out later today.

No time No pace

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I seem to be running around trying to catch up on my news feeds. I’m also waaaay behind on whats heppening on face boo and i dont seem to have a blarney chance of seeing people either.

I have roughly about 40 subscriptions in my google reader page. I also have about 260 friends on my facebook account. I’m trying ti figure out when i am supposed to kee up with it all. Facebook is great – dont get me wrong but I a one of the few who find it a bit overwhelming when it comes tpo follwoing it.  It coul alost be a fulltime job monitoring faceboook.

Couple that with the rss news feeds (click here or here if you dont know what an rss feed is – they rock) its all a bbit too much. How am i supposed to do my job aswell!


Here’s a list of the sites i subscribe to….if you were interested.

How I deal with anger…

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Anger Management

See when I get myself into one of those discussions where it is quite heated my instinct wants to punch the other person in then ear.

Then i realise that, that wouldn’t be right so maybe i could just give them a god thump,

then i realise that also aint a good thing to do so

maybe i could throw something across te room in anger

then i realise that that will prolly resuklt in something getting broken

then i breath…

Anger is such a fickle thing most of the time. Rarely is it ever righteous.  Today we live in a society where “Anger Management Courses” are being prescribed left right and center. I should say that its good that the issue is being identified as we have seen the results in the past decades where it has gone untreated.

Its a sad thing though that as humans we have this thing inside us that is inherently bad for us. Most times i have very been angry its been over a stupid level on a computer game, or a driver who doesn’t move off from the lights in the time I expect him to. And thats where its worst – our expectations. We  let our tempers flare wildey when they are not met. We are so quick to jump down the throat of someone quite innocent because  the have not met the, often impossible to meet, expectation that we have created.

So next time you’re a bit miffed with someone – ask yourself  if its justified.


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Have some photos of stuff i found today.

OakTree site launch

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SO today the official launch of the new OakTree website took place. I was supposed to be giving a presentation with Bish.


I’m sat on the couch.

Ruth went to church without me.

I feel horrible.

I am pretty sure that this cold has come on because of the shoot of thurs with SJI which, while it was a great shoot and it went well, it as absolutely freezing! As i shut my car door to go home at the end of the shoot the first flakes of snow landed on my windscreen.

That’s how cold it was.

Now I have that cold!

Grr – thank God for wives who look afte their husbands….and people say being married is overrated.


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I work with timelapse material alot. Our company specialise in it. Even still i love coming across other peoples work when they have createdsomething truley beautiful. This video is one such video:

Still Owowowowowow

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I woke up this morning  – correction,  decided i wasn’t going to get any serious sleep – an realised that through the night a col had developed and my neck had not righted itself. So I still have a dodgy neck and am unable to look left without searing agony shooting through my neck, back and arm! Woo Yay Me!

I went out to the bog, came bck in and Ruth placed a card on my pillow!

Happy Valentines day!

Oh dear!

It’s not that i completely forgot – its just that yesterday i was  overwhelmed by pain which made me not remember. So i told Ruth I needed to do something – I needed to make us a cup of tea. I then also warned her that this tea might take quite a while. I threw on some clothes – and legged it out. I got the works – Flowers, wine chocolate and as always a most perfectly appropriate card. When I got back I aapologize for the fact that the kettle was taking so long – this was about 45mins after iu jad left her in bed. I also had to explain that it as exceptionally col in the kitchen which was why i was wering my hat, clothes, gloves and jacket.

She was delighted even if it was a last minute effort. – Man I love this woman so much!


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This morning while putting on a t-shirt i managed to strain my neck somehow and its been getting worse all day. OW OW OW. I’ve strained my neck or had a crick in my neck many times befre – this sems silly in comparrisson.

The only comfoatable position is tilting my head to the right. It has been getting progressivley worse throughout the day.

A fold up bike – a cool one! – No really!

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I’ve always found fold up bikes to be really an eyesore. They have no style and have always seemed to be function over syle. Thse ones however are tres cool. The guy who designd these can be found here:

Impressive Stop Motion

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This guy has waaaaay too much time on his hand but this is truly impressive.

In order to do this with even one charachetr let alone  more than one and with difrent expressions, costumes, lighting and props! Watch it: Incredible: